Lessons From YouTube

We know from many news articles as well as our own personal experiences that women are using A Baby Story and YouTube as a means of childbirth education and some are not attending any kind of childbirth prep class whatsoever. And previously, I had posted about the benefits and drive of women of childbearing years seeking to watch birth.

Although I would rather women find their preparation and education through better sources than a Baby Story, I would also like to make the best of the cultural inclination that we live within. Which got me to thinking - if we are going to view birth, let's view birth that teaches us something worthwhile. I went looking for positive vocalization on youtube and came up with these two newer videos...

This first beautiful birth shows a momma with open vocalization, leaving her jaw relaxed, and thus enabling her cervix to open and her perineum loose. It also shows some great 'hangs' on her partner. She completes a beautiful squat and hang on her partner throughout her 2nd stage.

When she starts pushing, watch how she rolls her hips forward and her tailbone under. These motions are great for rotating babies through the pelvis. Also, hear her breathing the baby out rather than really bearing down. It is beautifully gentle.

There is a great shot of the intact bag of water before it bursts.. Their older child is very interested and very attentive to his mom throughout the 2nd stage, a great example of how well a child can do at birth. I love this birth.

This second one is much more intense than the first, but no less beautiful. This mama is a louder vocalizer and you can hear her actively grunty pushing throughout her time on the bed and her time on the birthing stool. Her loud but open jawed vocalization gives the same benefits of the first video. I love her assisting in the "catch".. and her/her partner's reactions at the birth of their babe? BEAUTIFUL!

So, there are my lessons from YouTube... I encourage all of you to choose a part of regular childbirth preparation (whether it be the cascade of interventions, positions in labor and birth, transition, children at birth, hypnobabies, etc..) and post your own lessons on your own blogs, with YouTube examples, and link them back to this post...

If videos are truly going to be the only childbirth education some women get, let's make it worthwhile. :)


Anonymous said...

i love the videos. i specifically love in the second one the encouragement from the caregivers in helping her to lower her voice to the ahhhhhhhh and not a scream. excellent support. excellent. they didn't say "honey you're yelling not pushing... PUSH!!!" they helped her moan in a way that would be more effective. =)

Lauren Wayne said...

I love natural birth videos! These were so beautiful they've brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing them.


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