Taking Away The Choices - We'll Be Left With What?

Surprise, surprise, the AMA wants to take away our right to home birth. Great, strip us of our right to birth our children without policies, procedures, and increased risk? Why would we not passively let you do this? Ugh.

The blog world is COVERED in responses to this - including Ricki Lake's response. I won't link them all, but here are a few...
And to end the list, only one of the many reasons we can't let this get ANYWHERE in legislature.

Finally, I am adding the little guy at the top of this post to my sidebar - please consider doing the same.


alicia said...

Great blog! Thank you for your suggestions on AllDoulas.

Sheryl from Natural Childbirth said...

They can never force women to give birth in the hospital unless they start incarcerating women in their 7th or 8th month of pregnancy.

I think there will simply be a dramatic increase in "emergency" births that happened too fast to get to the hospital.

Deb said...

How a woman chooses to birth should be based on her needs and what feels right for her and her family. She should be educated about her options and empowered by her choices. Wherever a woman is most comfortable, supported and heard is the best place for her to birth her baby, whether that be at home, a birthing center or a hospital. Throughout history women have fought long and hard for the right to make decisions about their own bodies. Birthing is a natural ability with which women come naturally equipped. Shouldn’t we be able to choose how and where?


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