Standard of Care?

I know, I know, my Soapbox seems to have come out from under my bed and is taking up permanent residence in front of my wireless keyboard. lol!

I have issues. Issues with terminology, to be exact. I have had a few clients and friends recently who have expressed their distaste for how they were treated in labor/birth by their birth team. If you ask them about their birth experience, it will seem everything was on the up and up, everything was clean and kosher. Everything resounded that they had received a high standard of care, which is expected of U.S. hospitals.

The problem is this: the standard of care is not caring to mom and baby. It's covering the hospital and their staff.

Case in point: Mama Bear hits 42 weeks and lovely Dr. Crank pulls out of her hat of tricks that Mama Bear will be coming in for a scheduled induction that same day. Mama Bear says she cannot do it because she is not mentally prepared for it, please give her a few. Dr. Crank comes back with an empty threat to refuse her at the door if she is not there within 1 hour. S/He then goes on to belittle Mama Bear, calling her 'stupid' and 'risky' and even putting her babies life in danger. Wow... because we all know that the magic number for babies that placentas just 'poof' and quite working at 42 weeks and 2 hours. (rolling eyes).

Ei. I. I... will probably get blasted by some snarky OB or L&D RN...

So, do your own research... and read some interesting fodder for thought on some things that may not have crossed your mind before:

Here is a great breakdown on a Symbolic Analysis of Standard Obstetrical Procedures

And just for all ya'll (OMGosh, I have been in the South too long - lol) who are chompin at the bit, wanting to get your hands on some good internet information regarding all of these lovely procedures that are done routinely often with no medical justification, see Choices in Childbirth - an internet research link page.

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I am a Monkey's Mama said...

42 weeks? Wow, you're generous. Around here, women are being induced because they've not had their babies by (GASP!) 40w0d!! Wow, I need to move to your part of the south!


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