Beautiful, Tired, and Drained - Oh My!

Well, a mama that I had been working with for quite awhile had her baby yesterday around 7:00 a.m. This couple is remarkable and amazing.

I have not talked with them about sharing the intimate details of their birth story, so I will have to get back to you on that. I did want to share with you all this wonderful bit:

They were due on May 2nd. They went in for 'labor' on May 12... They subsequently requested to be sent home after 14 hours of good labor that petered out and left them at 4cm. They then refused a 'mandated' induction on the 16th, not feeling emotionally or physically ready for it. And, after being dropped by their doctor, took matters into their own hands and had a very empowering birth that started on May 19th (10am) and ended on May 20th (around 7am).

They have me and many women in this community in awe at the strength of their character and determination not to be bullied by policy without medical justification. They are amazing! I am honored to have attended them!

Beyond that, I am tired for THAT reason, as well as having taught a Weekend of Relaxation Workshop on the 17th and 18th... so much time lately away from the family brood and papa bear that I am thinking I need some time with them. I will be on later. Adios!


Anonymous said...

All right, you've whetted my appetite -- now I'm begging for more!! :-)

After their doctor fired them, did this couple end up having a home birth, or did they show up at the hospital and make the medical staff take care of her and abide by her wishes for birth?

Final question -- how can a "relaxation weekend" be tiring?! :-D (j/k!)


Anonymous said...

Lol... good comment Kathy. I would love to know more, too. I have to say though there must be something about May 20th and post dates babies... our son who turned 2 yesterday was due 4/29. Our lay midwife turned us over to her MD/NP's back up on 5/15 (that's the law in Florida where we live). The MD's pretty much insisted that I be induced but I refused because they could provide me no scientific data pertinent to my case. I insisted that I be allowed to go one more week, and that we could revisit induction at that time... I went into labor around 11pm 5/19 and he was born (all 10lbs 1oz) at 11:30pm 5/20. Glad to read that someone else was able to stick to their guns in spite of being dropped by the MD's.

We didn't get dropped but we didn't get any support either (I'm pretty sure they wanted to drop us)... in fact, they are no longer the back up MD's for that lay midwife... c'este la vie (such is life)



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