Parto humanizado; recuperando la posición vertical

This is a beautiful video on upright birthing positions as well as a great tool for showing upright labor positions and some exercises to encourage an effective and easier labor/birth... Enjoy


Kim said...

Beautiful video! Makes me excited for my own labour =)

Ryan and Sandi said...

I love this! Thanks for finding it and posting it. I very much hope to give birth at least once in Ecuador, so the video's especially encouraging to me b/c it shows great natural births happening there! So many people who know we're headed there seem to freak out when they understand that we hope to birth our babies there--"Where will you go? Are there good hospitals? What will you do? Are you crazy?" I usually point out that the population doesn't seem to be dying out, so apparently there ARE people there assisting birthing women! :)

I love your blog, Nicole!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful!

It's the kind of birth I hope to have. BTW, I just stumbled across your blog and LOVE it. I seem to be a lone ship in the natural birthing waters around me and It is lovely to have reinforcement.




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