Mothers and Daughters

Ok - warning - soapbox here...

Mothers, where are you? Can you tell me the last time you took your daughter into your lap, or in front of the mirror, and told her of her beauty - inside and out.

Mothers, where are you? Can you remember when you first felt inadequate? Our daughters come to that point, on average, 3 years younger than us... on average.


Are we filling our children's minds with the images and perceptions of the media? Remember, just because you SAY one thing, unless you act and live accordingly, they will not follow what you say, but what you ARE and DO. What message are you teaching your daughter?

Is she strong? Is she resilient? Is she beautiful? Is she worthy? Is she able and smart? Is she lovely?

Is she content or critical?

Don't know the answer to those? Replace "Is she" with "Am I" and ask them to yourself.

There is your future.. there is the future of your daughter.

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kris said...

i didn't get to watch the video, but i get what you're saying. my daughter is 4 and yesterday she threw a fit b/c i wouldn't let her wear the clothes that she thought looked "cool" i was like, what?! where did you learn to use the word cool w/ the clothes that you wear? so we had this big discussion on the way we should dress as Christians (not to mention 4year olds!).


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