Phone Calls, Homebirths, Pregnant Women, and Road Trips

I had a wonderful phone call from a wonderfully sweet lady who was planning her 4th birth. I was asked if I were available for a late August, early September birth. She was known to go a little early and to have fast births.

She also lives 2 hours from me. She said I came 'highly recommended' by another member of the Nashville Birth Network, though she would not disclose the name. So, thank you whomever you are...

Unfortunately, fortunately, I already have a wonderfully splendidly round and fertile momma who is in negotiations with her little pea as to when in late August, early September, she will make her arrival known. I also was a little hesitant knowing that she has fast labors and is around 2 hours from my home.

So - - I passed her on to another wonderful Doula-friend that I have gotten to know in this area. She is in good hands, I am sure.

OTOH, I have been talking with a beautiful mommy-to-be-again (#3) who is anticipating a 2HBAC sometime in October. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be pleasantly surprised and asked to attend her birth!

Final news - I am heading up to the old stomping grounds to visit with family in 2 weeks for a short time while dh is on a business trip. Send me some prayers for safe travel with my 5 kiddos for a 9 hour trip. Oh yeah, and send me an extra measure of sanity, alertness, and patience. :o)

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