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Fun questions from a fellow blogger. There's no tagging, but if you choose to answer them just drop me a line in the comments section so I can come read your answers too. :)

#1. If you tore off a piece of foil for a dish then decided to use saran wrap instead, would you throw away the foil or keep it to use later? I would fold it and put it away for later use. I am a habitual 'saver'... then I would endure a 10 minute jestful haranging from my husband who thinks I am TOO thrifty for sanity.

#2. If you could be a super hero, what would your name be and what kind of powers would you have? My name is Inner Girl (ha! Couldn't think of anything better)... my powers would be erasing biases and sexism from both men and women's minds, mysteriously endowing women with self-esteem and confidence, transforming inner beauty to the outer skin, and all other matters that Barbie seems to be against.

#3. Do you believe in the 5 second rule? In our family it is the 5 minute rule - lol - although my coming-of-toddler years thinks that it is a 5 DAY rule... he found something hairy and gurgling under the fridge the other day... shudder.....

#4. Do you brush your teeth in the morning and at night? Do you floss? Morning, Night, before nap if I take one in the middle of the day... and I floss every other day or so - not nearly what I am supposed to - but flossing makes me nauseous. Yes, you read right...

#5. If money were no object, where would you live? I would have a home in MI near my family and live where I am now - but on a bit of land in the semi-country... with a barn, a few horses, and a wrap around porch - it would double as a crisis home for unwed, pregnant teenagers.

#6. If you could go back in time for 5 minutes where would you go? Who would you visit? I would go attend the birth of Jesus - sitting with Mary during those moments...

#7. Do you believe in heaven? How do you picture heaven? Yes. I picture is as an actual place with buildings, trees, animals, people... and work. Yes, work. Work unlike here on earth though - because this work will be for eternity and be for learning. Learning alongside heavenly bodies in view of the Throne. Long tables with feasts, records of the martyrs in the Library, etc... Way cool. Check out this page for more about what I am talking about.

#8. Do you believe in hell? How do you picture hell? Yes. Hell is a real place as well. Hades being the holding place until the dead in Christ are called forth to the Great Throne Judgement... and Hell being the Lake of Fire - or final destination - for those souls who chose not to live with God in the Heaven. I believe it is void. Void - burning with regret, anguishing over pasts... not cool.

#9. If you found a hair in your food, and you knew it was yours, would you keep eating? Yep. Pull out the hair first, of course.

#10. You're walking down the aisle in the supermarket and just as you pass a hot guy/chick you let out the worlds largest fart, what do you do? Luckily, mine tend to be silent. Unluckily, I am rather stinky. So... I would probably do what I do now, pick up Xman, sniff his diaper, and exclaim loudly "Oh stinky mister! Is it time to change you??" while smiling innocently at no one in particular.

#11. Have you ever had sex on a plane? No. I would get air-sick. lol! So romantic as I am.

#12. Do you mix the food on your plate or do you segregate? I do not like my food to invade other territories. My potatoes are a fortress, keeping my butter or gravy solidarious, while my corn or peas form perfectly plump rows of vegetation. My meat is stacked high and conserving its heat by huddling.. and neither the tween shall meet. (and I am NOT fanatical)

#13. If you could go back and date someone again for a week, (before things got bad, ended, too complicated, what ever) who would you date again? I wouldn't. Not for the world.

#14. You're on an airplane and all of a sudden there's a thunder down under and you have to go, NOW, but you can see that there is at least a 3 person wait for a bathroom. What do you do? Ring the steward(ess) and explain the situation, asking her to notify said line-makers that, unless they move within 15 seconds, there WILL be a mess that cannot be contained in a doggy bag.

#15. You and your signifigant other are moving in together. While putting some of their stuff away some naked pictures of their ex fall out. Do you confront them with the pictures? Do you take them and throw them away? What would you do? I would throw them out and never say a thing about it. If he doesn't notice, all the better. If he does notice and dares ask me where I put them, he had better be ready to explain. If he does notice and chooses to let it go, I will spare him the third degree... thankfully my dh is a saint. lol!

#16. You win the lottery, millions, how do you spend the first 10k? First 10K goes to paying of debt that we already owe. Later, when we are established financially, I would work to open the Women's Center of my dreams, go on a few missions trips, help my mom get her own home, and put some away for the kids' educations.

#17. If you had a choice between being beautiful or being successful, which would you be? I am successful - a successful mom and wife, so I would choose beauty. But dh says I am already beautiful. Gosh, I don't have to choose! :o)

#19. What's the last prank you pulled on someone? I made dh believe that my tubal ligation didn't work and we were pregnant again. I had to come clean, though, when he acted a little woozie and began hyperventilating.

#20. You see a man and a little girl walking down the street. She's pulling away and yelling for him to "leave her alone." What do you do? I would call 911, leave the phone open, and go ask the girl and man what's up. I would rather err on the side of safety than have regrets. I would hope that someone would care enough to do the same if it were my children in that situation - regardless if it was my dh or I simply removing a disobedient child from someplace or not...

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