Lactivism - or simply beautiful art?

The same woman who made Cesarean Art's web page also created a beautiful page full of Breastfeeding Art. I love it, I love it, I love it! As I am approaching my 9th month of nursing Xander, I am beginning to mourn that he likes table food a little more that momma during the day hours, he likes his cold 'ums when out at the pool, and only really REALLY wants momma first thing in the morning, before naps, and before bed.

I am a comfort. I know that. But there is nothing like the bonding that occurs while I am rubbing my hand softly up his back and down his thighs while he twirls a strand of my hair around his finger, or touches my lips softly while I sing to him - all whilst nursing.

The ache in my breast is not only the overproduction of milk (lol) - it is a longing that he will want to keep nursing longer than I believe he will...

My husband affectionately calls him 'Boob man' - but I can see the pride on his face when his son is nourished by his lover. When Xander wakes early in the mornings, I bring him to bed with us and he nurses between us, soaking in the affections of both parents, without the turmoil of the day's happenings and the businesses of the older sisters... he cherishes those times and so do we.
*sigh* I am going to go nurse him once more before bed. And I will leave you on a humorous note: "I make milk -what is your superpower?"

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