One of my students was given an 'emergency cesarean' after an iatrogenic complication occurred from her epidural. I cannot go into too much about it, but I am broken hearted for them. They wanted so much for the beautiful, empowering birth that was their rite, her rite, the passage of her child through her body and into her arms.

If I could only breathe
and heal the curv'ed scar
I would
Reclaiming what was lost
your journey stricken down
I wish
Your body mourns a birth
It never was allowed
A rape
Delivered of your rite
To press down on the earth
A thin white line belies
the anguish of a soul
The womb

I am reminded of a woman who does cesarean art as a cathartic means of healing her own angst over her surgery. It is touching, disturbing, and beautiful all at once. I caution you to go forward tenderly with an open heart for these women who, as many do, feel that they were robbed of something sacred and their's alone because they were told that the medications had 'minimal risk' or worse yet 'no risk', their doctor said they needed to be delivered of their child because their body was a lemon and failed - or any other number of nonsense.

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