To all the Mothers

To all of my beautiful blog followers who have, or are, raising small people:


The one day out of the year where our spouses, significant others, children, and pets are required to say 'thank you' for all of our hard-work, sacrifice, and love. Though they say it in many unintelligible, nontangible, and otherwise disguised manners throughout the year, this will be my 1 in 365 chance to sleep in. And for that I am eternally grateful!

As I sit by the window, I see the pregnant and heavy clouds about to burst forth with life-giving water - reprive and relief to a hot and humid day. The rumbling thunder rolls through the air and I consider that we, as mother's are like a storm: we can be gentle and refreshing, all consuming and uncontrolled, powerful and encompassing. We are refreshing, life-giving, commanding, electric, demanding of an audience - whether willing or not - necessary, but seldom praised, often needed.

To all of my thunderstorms out there: keep pouring, keep blowing, keep pouring your all onto your worlds - because, without us, our grass would be dried and withered, our trees would be barren, there would be no spring blossoms, and the world would be in want. You may not see the immediate fruit of your labor, but you are necessary and needed. Remember that tonight when the storm blows through, the earth soaks up every available life-giving drop, the cool breeze blows through your open window, and you can feel energy in the air.


Jillian said...

Thank you for that. I am definitely a "thunderstorm." Sometimes I need to be more of a gentle spring shower -- equally refreshing, not so LOUD! :)

Many blessings on you and your sweet ones.

Beth said...

happy mother's day! your baby is beautiful!


Ryan and Sandi said...

I LOVE this photo! He's getting SO big, especially compared with when you first introduced us! :) I also really enjoyed your description of the clouds and motherhood. I can't wait until the day when (God willing) I'll be a 'thunderstorm' myself.


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