Take Up Your Quill and Ink

Alright alright. I am working on it. I started it 2 years ago, life came rolling down on me like a thousand sodden diapers, and I am resolved to finally and completely finish this work that has so often niggled at my brain like a toddler who is intent on finding out all of the secrets of the universe via Mommy University.

I am doing it - Christian childbirth curriculum and Bible study. Yep, that good ol' Book even talks about that. I have been working on research, study of the Hebrew and Greek, and gleaning medical information to back up the studies and findings that I am coming upon. I have been talking with some contacts regarding publishing as well, though nothing is secured as of yet. I am now battling with the question: to make it a home-study, small group study, or formal education through certified instructors. What do you all think?

Oh, and thank you Jill for spurring me on and encouraging me, without saying a word, to continue this persuit and get my lazy fingers cracking on the keyboard once again. Thanks Jillian!

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Jillian said...

Well, I'm glad to know I've spurred you on without saying anything...I do tend to rattle on. :)

What an awesome idea! And I am going to encourage you to self-publish this masterpiece, and we can talk about that. Internet marketing, teleseminars...Eric is your source for info in that area.

Keep on keeping on! It's a wonderful, inspired idea and worthy goal.


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