Come on, say it with me: vagina!

Wow. How inhibited are we? Was it easy to say or hard? Did you get a little 'ooh I am saying a dirty word' feeling or was it liberating? Did you feel unease or empowerment? I will be honest, when I read another online blog on this subject and tried it myself, I felt a little... dirty. A good, romp between the sheets, dirty, but I had to stop and ask myself 'why dirty'? Why not delicious? Why not blessed and grand, and... MIRACULOUS?

Think of it, this small organ is perfectly and beautifully designed to bring ecstasy to our spouses and to assist in bringing life to our children!

This delicious little band of muscle and engourged tissue is a miracle to behold! God made it a wonderous and amazing organ! Chock full of nerve endings, a tampon can bring discomfort if a woman is uncomfortable with the idea of its placement. A penis can be pleasureful or painful, all based on a woman's perception of the love-act, and a baby can be exhilerating or excruciating - all because of how she views birth! The vagina is intricately, and the embodiment of, a woman - emotions completely and intrinsically connected to every facet of her being!

It is small enough to hug our husbands and bring them pleasure and yet it is elastic enough to expand and pass a baby through!! I wonder where our phobia of the word "vagina" comes from? Perhaps the feminine history of being 'decent' and 'wholesome'... Perhaps our culture's overuse and abuse of our organs name... whatever the reason, I salute the one connecting thread of womanhood - vaginas!

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