Going Strong

So, I can't say enough about breastfeeding. After only breastfeeding my first for 5 days, my second for 4 months, and the twins for 6 weeks - and all with difficulties - I am in LOVE with nursing this little guy. It has been a breeze. And, all I can say now is: HE IS SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT. For the last 4 days, he has been sleeping from 9pm until 7am. BEAUTIFUL SLEEP!

A little about my past bfing experience:

My first, I postpartum hemmed at 4 days pp and had to have an emergency D&C. The trauma and blood loss I sustained dried up my milk. I was young and uneducated and didn't know any of the things I know now about upping milk production. I stopped nursing at my hospital-appointed lactation consultant's insistance. I wish I had known the herbal infusions that can help with milk production. I wish I had known to keep trying, because my body would start to lactate again if I just kept at it.

My second, things were going great. I was EBFing until 3months. Then, I gave her one bottle - and she didn't want the breast anymore. I tried pumping but I would not let down without her nursing on one side and me pumping on another. She didn't want to latch anymore, so I couldn't pump. EEK... after 1month of crying, cracked nipples (from the pump), and her refusing even the few pumped drops I got, we quit. I wish I knew what ONE bottle could do. Oh, and the bmilk was refused, we found out, because it had changed as I was pregnant. I wish I had known to get more support from LLL and find a bfing buddy.

The twins - everything was going beautifully. The only challenge was my time. When I had a 4 year old, and a 12 month old running around, and was tandem nursing a set of preemie twins every 1 1/2 hours for 45 minutes - I was slowly going ppd. At 6 weeks, dh found me on the floor of the nursery, bawling my eyes out, with a baby attached to both breasts in the middle of the night. He took one and made a formula bottle. If I only knew that I didn't have to be super mom, if I had someone to remind me that the time goes quickly, if I had a mother's helper for my 12 month old... I believe I could have made it. But, I was feeling overwhelmed and didn't think to seek out female reinforcement.

This time - I have made SURE to have IRL and WWW friends to encourage me and keep me accountable. I have a dh who I have made SURE to tell how important this is to me - so he can help me when I have my emotional icks. I have 4 beautiful girls who I am awed to see throw their dollies bottles in the trash and, now, instead, put their dollies under their shirts to 'feed them'. I have a family history of breast cancer that is encouraging me to keep nursing to lower my chances of developing it, and I have a little blessing that adores his mommy time. I have the resources and acountability of LLL at my fingertips (speed dial in my phone) and have made sure I found a ped that does NOT advocate formula under any circumstances.

And, when nothing else works, I remind myself of all the Bible verses that expound on God's love as a mother's love while nursing her infant. God made me fearfully and wonderfully - PERFECTLY suited to nourish my baby - for 9 months in the womb, and the same time (and longer) outside the womb.


Kim said...

Is that a pic of your baby boy?? He's absolutely stunning! I love the smile on his face!!

Nicole D said...

thank you but I cannot take credit for that cutie. This is the beautiful mug of another CBE friend of mine's breast and her little babe.


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