Hurricanes and Babies

“To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power.” - Maya Angelou

As a doula, I can't think of any better way to describe the great storm that is labor - growing and encompassing, opening and clearing the way for a new life.

As Tropical Storm Harvey gears up to shake, rattle, and roll Texas, I thought it might be prudent to get some Pregnancy Hurricane Preparation into my clients hands.

If you aren't planning to evacuate for the storm, here's a best odds for staying safe in the storm: 

  • If your plan had been to labor at home for as long as possible, know that that plan should change and travel should probably be considered earlier in labor. 
  • This website will help people in the Houston area to know which roads are closed for high water. This will enable you to map the best route more efficiently. https://traffic.houstontranstar.org/roadclosures/roadclosures.aspx?typ=hw
  • Map out where your nearest hospital with L&D, your local ems, and fire departments are, just in case it's needed, and post it on your fridge. 
  • Stock up on snacks and especially water, as water in general, and especially clean water can be scarce. 
Supplies Checklist for Pregnant Mothers:
  • Comfortable traveling clothes, including closed toe shoes
  • Food (nutritious snacks like protein bars, nuts, dried fruit, and granola) and water for 1 week and 1 week supply of medications
  • Printed medical records, in case you need to go to another hospital
  • Phone and Chargers
  • Full tank of gas
  • Emergency birth supplies, such as clean towels, sharp scissors, infant bulb syringe, medical gloves, two white shoelaces, sheets and sanitary pads
In case of an emergency, exclusive breastfeeding will provide the best protection for your baby. It doesn't require water, sterilization of any equipment or water, and doesn't require a heat source - lowering risk for baby during emergency. If you cannot breastfeeding, you should try to get single serve, already prepared formula. If you are a mom who relies on pumped milk, learn to express your milk by hand and have a few syringes and/or disposable cups on hand that you can feed your baby with.

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