Reasons to LOVE Being Pregnant and Birthing During the Holidays

I know being pregnant during the holidays can carry it's own set of challenges, and some women downright dislike it... but for those of our doula clients that are pregnant during the holidays, this countdown is for you!

10. Most places you live in the U.S. mean that the weather will be much more tolerable than Summer and 8-9 months.

9. People have a better chance of coming to you for Thanksgiving Dinner and Christmas parties - and they bring all the food and clean up. 

8. A great excuse for seconds... and thirds... and fourths..... 

7. Holidays are a great time to practice your happy space for pregnancy, your boundaries, and your thank-you-for-your-unsolicited-advice,-I'm-going-to-ignore-you-now face. 

6. Laboring on a holiday? What a perfect excuse to avoid the awkward family gathering. 

5. Birthing on a holiday? 5 words: You Get All The Leftovers

4. Little one already here for their first holiday? Practice this phrase in the mirror "Please excuse me, I need to take care of the baby". Fussy, tired, hungry, or 'oops I just woke the baby'  is a great time to go to the office, bedroom, etc. to give you some quiet time away from the chaos of family get-togethers, and an excuse to avoid that one person at family gatherings you don't want to see!

3. You can practice all of your holiday puns. "Stuffing", "Turkey", "Gift", etc... c'mon, give me your best shot!

2. You can name your Holiday baby any of the awesome, hippie-like names without fear of being called a hippie! Think about it, Sage, Pumpkin, Cranberry, Yule, Solstice, Samhain, Henny, Mayflower, Fowler, Cornucopia - the possibilities are endless

1. Having a November baby means you probably had a ... good Valentine’s Day. Mid-November is 9 months after February 14th. December baby? Full moon or passover were your most likely candidates. 

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