A Birth Story

S was a beautiful and intuitive mama that I had the honor of working with recently. She chose to share her story with me, so that I could share it with you! Thank you so much, S, for this honor. I have interjected a few comments on my perspective, in italics. 
On Tues. Oct. 1st at around 715 am, I started to feel contractions while getting ready for work. I had Braxton hicks toward the end of the pregnancy but these were different. Bh usually felt like tightening sensation...no pain. These were actually a little painful and felt like period cramps. I went into work anyway and timed my contractions wanting to make sure I was in actual labor. 
WTG! I love that you took the advice "ignore labor as long as possible" to heart! :) 
My coworkers thought I was crazy for wanting to stay "just one more hour" and jokingly said I would give birth there. After an hr at work I headed home...yes I drove myself. I woke Victor to let him know I was in early labor and tried to get some rest. I wasnt able to sleep but my body got to rest. Unfortunately I didn't do any of the things I envisioned doing in early labor like dancing, sitting on ball, listening to birth playlist and positive affirmations.  
But you were so intuitive and listened to your bodies needs!  
The contractions picked up that afternoon after being on all fours and sitting on the toilet. we left for the hospital around 3 pm. When I got to the hospital I was 5cm. I was hoping to stay home a little longer but I was happy to be dialating. Doula Cole came to assist very quickly. Her presence was very calming. The contractions slowed once we got to the hospital. 
I was a little nervous that you were heading in too early, and we talked about that. Bottom line, though, I trusted your intuition and, if it told you to go in then, I trusted you! :) I headed out soon after your call.  And good thing too... 
I lacked energy and didn't want to get in any positions other than laying down though i knew it wasn't helping to progress labor. Eventually my mucus plug came out. I was checked again and was still 5cms! However I was 90 percent effaced. I wasn't happy to hear this. Cole suggested I sit on the ball contractions and really starting picking up. I was coupling, tripling and quadrupling. I felt discouraged that my contractions were this intense and I was not more dialated. I asked Cole if this was normal and she said some women completely efface then dialate. I tried to remain encouraged.  
We could see your discouragement, but V was such an encouragement to you, staying positive and attending to you so gently but unobtrusively. You seemed to like lying on the ground where it was cool, because you were feeling so hot. So you moved from the ball to the ground, where I put a mat that you could lay on. I took that as a sign you were really picking it up and heading toward birth and your need to get 'grounded' was evident.  
Through out the labor I managed the pain with low moans and envisioned my body and moans pushing the baby down. I tried to keep my body relaxed during contractions instead of tensing and trying to fight what my body was doing. 
You did so well!  
I made trips to the bathroom feeling I had to have a bowel movement. When the contractions came I could feel my body pushing involuntarily.  
I could hear it, but didn't want to say anything until you were ready to acknowledge it.  
I knew that this was a sign of being fully dilated but I couldn't believe I was. After all the nurse has just checked me less than an hour ago. The second time the involuntary pushing occured it was much stronger and I let out a gutteral scream. This time I knew I was pushing. Cole was waiting outside the bathroom door as her suspicion was that I was pushing.  
Victor and I  had been waiting just outside your door, I knew you were going to move into birthing very quickly and it was already a little bit of a task trying to convince the nurse that I wouldn't let you birth on the toilet :) The moment I heard that first real push, Victor and I gave each other thumbs up, we had just been talking about how you were going to be birthing any moment, and grinned at one another before I went dashing in to you and he went dashing for the call button.  
She told Victor to call the nurse. Melissa was in the room before I could even make it back to the bed. She checked me and said "She ten!".  
Actually, she said "She's complete!". You looked at me and said 'what?'. I said it meant you were 10 and could push. You said 'no way!'. :) 
Words cant express how relieved and excited I felt to hear this. Melissa told me to listen to my body as far as pushing and positioning. I specifically wanted to do spontaneous pushing (uncoached) and Melissa and i had discussed this in our prenatal appts. So I listened to my body and did spontaneous pushing for about two pushes then Camille's heartrate rate dropped. 
Melissa said that I needed to to get her out. I got on to my knees and pushed her out that very next contraction.  
You weren't playing with that push. She gave you the 'go' and you did it! 
Victor attempted to catch her but she came out too fast for him to get gloves on! They past her to me thru my legs cord still attached. I couldn't believe she was here! I couldn't believe I had done it! It was an amazingly euphoric, empowering experience.  
Camille Rae was born Oct 1 at 10:27 pm weighing 6 lbs 5 oz 18.5 in long. She came out very alert and cried immediately. The bag of waters didn't break until she was coming out and was almost delivered en caul which is incredibly rare but completely safe.  
She latched on immediately and nursed for about an hour. I couldn't stop staring at her. I couldn't believe she was here! We had an amazing birth team with Melissa and Cole. Victor was so loving and supportive though I could definitely tell he felt helpless lol. We were so blessed to have a great birth experience and a healthy baby girl! 
You were so amazing mama! 

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Sarah Flandro said...

What a beautiful birth story! :)

xo, Sarah
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