Happy Father's Day - To Mitchell

I talk so much about the mamas I work with and the births I attend, but it's almost Father's Day. When I suggested to a few of the mamas I worked with that they take the chance to publicly thank their partners/husbands, the jumped at it. So here's Ellie's Father's Day note!

Being pregnant with twins wasn’t in the game plan. So many changes needed to be made to my birth plan, and the threat of a c-section loomed. I felt so broken down. Time and time again you found ways to build me up. You didn’t mind when I called you at work crying about how scared I was. You tolerated my crabbiness. You powered through long nights of my constant tossing and turning. You gave up your days off for doctor interviews, prenatal appointments, and ultrasounds. As my pregnancy was nearing its end, and I was becoming more and more impatient, you reminded me to embrace every moment of it that I had left. You were my perfect supporter during labor and birth. You made me laugh until the contractions took over, you held my hand and gave me strength when I was ready to give up, and above all you believed in me.

It hasn’t been easy going from being a mother or one to a mother of three overnight, but you have kept me afloat. You have been a shining light in my darkest moments. Every single day you help me to be the best parent possible. You might think that I don’t listen, but when you tell me that I’m a good mom, it means everything. Your unconditional love helps me to love myself. 

I love sharing this parenting journey with you. We have embraced a natural lifestyle to ensure that our kids grow up healthy. We have changed our parenting style to ensure that they are happy. You work long days so that I am able to stay home with our babies. Even on our most stressful days I wouldn’t want to parent with anyone else on the planet. I am so proud to be your partner. I am so incredibly glad that our kids have such a strong, loving, and caring daddy to look up to. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the sacrifices you have made, for all of the support you give, and for the insane amount of love that you give to the kids and me everyday. I love you.

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