Beautiful Girl - Book Review

Christiane Northrup has done a marvelous job with “Beautiful Girl”, a children’s book created to give young girls the freedom to celebrate the wonders of their body. The first thing I noticed when opening the pages of Beautiful Girl was the gorgeous and whimsical pictures throughout. Illustrator Aurelie Blanz did a marvelous job portraying the beauty and wonder of a young girl. 

Through prose and imagery, Dr. Northrup draws young girls into a time of wonderment, reminding them of their bodies amazing abilities and gifts. With babes in bloom, magical gardens, and fanciful characters, she tells the story of nature – perfect and beautiful, amazing and intuitive. She relay to her young readers the importance of respecting and honoring their bodies as individual and wonderful. 

As I read this book to my own 4 daughters, this is what they had to say about it:

Briaunna, 13 - I thought it was really cute. This book is appropriate for all ages of girls. The illustrations are beautiful, the words are simplistic, and the message is so important. It talks about how you shouldn't be ashamed, but instead be proud. Too many times these days, young girls are critical of themselves and want to change themselves to reflect what they see in the magazine or TV. Girls, you are beautiful and have amazing abilities.

Kairi, 9 - I thought it was really sweet. And seriously, you are made just the way you are supposed to be. I think that you should be you and not anyone else, and if you aren't comfortable with who you are, you should talk with someone you trust.

Charis, 8 - It was really cool. I like how it said to spread your branches over people you love, and I loved when she was in the pool and how it said you should be who you are. If it doesn't feel right, you should tell someone about it. And I like the babies on the flowers.

Jocelyn ,8 -   I like the picture with the bunny. Do we really have nests in our bodies? Oh yeah! I can make and carry babies! These special gifts are for you, that's right, they're for me! I have superpowers - isn't that cool?

What a beautiful story to share with our young daughters - to teach them self confidence, trust in their bodies, and to love their special secrets and 'powers'. I am happy to have this book as part of my collection!

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