Zen Mamas and Delightful Daddies

I love working with hypnobabies families. Renae, you were such a Zen mama, Howie, you were such a delightful daddy. A family that was a joy to work with!

Your birthing time began in the middle of the night on Aug 29th. We talked about how your birthing waves were close, but short. I reminded you of 'true patterns' to know that your cervix was opening with the waves. I mentioned a bath might give some more stable patterns, give Renae some rest, and make a practice birthing time stop, or a true birthing time get more consistent.

You did end up resting in the bath and it helped your waves to space a little, but get longer, which helped you to rest as well as make progress. Around 5:30am, Howie texted to let me know you were getting packed up to head to the hospital, and I mentioned I would be getting ready and heading out as well. Something in my bones said you were quite far along and I wanted to be there sooner rather than later.

I'm glad I listened to that intuition as I got stuck in morning rush and didn't arrive until 7am. At arrival, you were 7cm and baby was high. Your pattern was one strong, pressure-full wave, followed by one mild wave, close together... and then a 4 minute rest before the pattern returned. You were feeling some back pressure, so I showed Howie how to apply counterpressure and work in the hip joints for opening your pelvis more.

I encouraged you to get upright (lying down is what you preferred), so as to bring baby lower in the pelvis. You used the restroom often, sat on the ball, and leaned over the back of the bed. Soon, you were vocalizing with every pressure wave and they were more consistently 3 minutes apart. When you were checked, you had a strong forebag of water and baby was now at 0 station. Your cervix was 8-9 and you were doing beautifully.

During this time, Howie was able to get some much needed rest and your nurse, you, and I got into a gentle birthing rhythm.

I loved that you looked me in the eye after a particularly good birthing wave and said "it's amazing. Between waves I feel great.. just like any other day.". You were truly a Zen birther. Your face began to really flush with each pressure filled wave, and your thighs began shaking.

I anticipated you were close to the end, and asked if you wanted to move things along more or keep doing what you were doing, both of which were great choices. You said you wanted baby to come sooner rather than later.

So, your doctor broke your water at 9cm, she rechecked your cervix (9.5 cm, with 'just a little chunkiness' left, 0 station).

Shortly thereafter, you were feeling much more pressure and beginning to 'sound pushy'. We tried some practice pushes together, but baby wasn't low enough.

So you went to the bathroom, emptying your bladder to make room for baby, and then I asked you to try three deep squats beside the bed. Howie, who had awoken by this time, kneeled on one side of the bed while you stood on the other. When a wave began, you grasped hands across the bed and you went into a squat. Howie spoke your hypnobabies scripts aloud at this time, as you needed to hear it as much as feel it.

The pressure definitely increased and your vocalization began low and rumbly, moving up in volume and range, until a light grunt would pass your lips... Baby was moving in the right direction.

You accomplished your three deep squats, plus one. At that point, you really wanted some rest for your knees and hopped back up on the bed, leaning over the back of the bed. This is when you really felt a huge amount of 'push' and, every wave, you would make three strong pushing noises amongst your vocalizations.

I called your nurse and doctor back in and, when your doctor lifted your sheet to see if you were 'pushing effectively' she said, "oh! Go ahead and page the other doctor, she is just about crowning her baby".

You were so intuitive, bringing baby low through the squat, opening your pelvis with the leaning, and then, when it was time to bring your baby under your pubic bone, you flipped over and brought your knees back. As baby crowned, your room of support enthusiastically encouraged you with endearing terms and praise. Soon after, and you were holding Big Ben, a baby as Zen and peaceful as his mama.

Pouring out your love in tears and welcoming words, you loved him earthside until he took his first lusty cry. Congratulations Renae and Howie!

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