Heart and Hands

I just finished reading the new, 5th edition of Heart & Hands, a classic for midwives and midwives-in-training. And might I say, it is beautiful!

I have long been a fan of this book, but the updates are long overdue and I am happy to have this one for my library.

The revised edition includes new, breathtaking photographs and educational illustrations, updated resources for parents (a big bonus), and an international list of midwifery schools - another huge bonus!

The newly revised edition also features a strong focus on physiologic, “hands-off” birth, with updates on breech assisting, fetal effects of ultrasound, screening for preeclampsia and diabetes, Group B-strep treatments, postdates pregnancy, VBAC (including longterm effects on mother and baby), diagnosis of and recovery from trauma, and postpartum depression. The new cover and updated photographs will appeal to parents, and for midwives, updated forms include a “Mother’s Confidential Worksheet” on abuse issues. Sections on electronic charting and state-of-the-art informed choice have been added, as well as an international list of schools and expanded resource list for parents.

As Chrstiane Northrup, MD, states:
"The wisdom of this work is as old as time."
This book will never get old, but with the updated information, it is now ready for the next generation of midwives and midwives-in-training.

If you have never read the book, you really should go get a copy. The chapters include:
  • The Midwife: a Profile
  • Prenatal Care - all about how to care for a women during prenatal appointments
  • Problems in Pregnancy - variations and problems, emotional and physical variations/problems that may be encountered, and both information on how to holistically and medically care for these variations and problems.
  • Assisting At Birth - straight forward, what labor looks like for a midwife, how she can assist a woman during her birthing time, and expectations and responsibilities/roles.
  • Complications in Labor - just as it states, what can make a butter birth into a complicated labor/birth, and how to help resolve or work through those issues.
  • Postpartum Care - what postpartum care looks like for a midwife, how she can assist a woman during her lying-in period, and how to help when problems/variations arise.
  • Becoming a Midwife - information on laws and regulations, paths of midwifery training, etc..
  • The Midwife's Practice - figuring out what demographics, hurdles, equipment, standards and laws, etc... that a midwife should know when setting up her practice
  • The Long Run - how parents can support their local midwives
  • Appendices: including forms for the budding and seasoned midwife, information on resources, MANA core competencies and standards, midwifery programs, HIPPA guidelines, midwife's kit, and parent's supply list, to name a few.
I encourage you, if you have the book already, upgrade to the new one, it is beautifully 'remastered' and completely updated. If you have never read Heart & Hands, now is a great time to do so!

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