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Jeremy and Mavi offered me a copy of their Birth Relaxation Kit to review and then give away one here!

Based on that, I asked a few questions to get to know them and started working my way through their kit. I loved that their relaxation kit uses progressive relaxation and hypnosis that is not irritating or cliche. I found their program to be fully knowledgeable, covering what hypnosis is, what it isn't, how it works, positions for laboring and birthing, hypnosis for partners, how to choose a birth team and place, and more. 

Their kit includes music, progressive relaxation and hypnosis audio segments, audio fear release segments, and a handbook to go with the audio segments. 

Mavi Gupta, M.D. is a board-certified neurologist, a board-certified Headache Medicine specialist and a certified Hypnotherapist.   She is a graduate of The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts and The University of Tennessee College of Medicine in Memphis, Tennessee.  She completed her residency in Neurology at St.Vincent’s Hospital in New York City. 

After that, she did a two year fellowship in Headache Medicine at the Jefferson Headache Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, one of the premier headache centers in the world.  She received her certification in hypnotherapy from the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy.
She is passionate about empowered, natural birth, attachment and natural parenting, as well as integrative medicine approaches.  As a mother who has used hypnosis and other "alternative" methods successfully for pregnancy, she feels obligated to share her experiences with other expectant mothers.  
Our birth experience with hypnosis--and having a homebirth--had such an impact on us that we felt compelled to share this experience.  While Mavi successfully used hypnosis for childbirth, we felt there were aspects of the programs we used that were more important.  We wanted to highlight those, change things we did not like about those programs and offer several new elements.  We also felt strongly about creating a Kit that was more affordable than most programs out there--either classes or home studies.

We feel we bring a unique experience to hypnobirthing programs because Mavi actually used these methods, birthed without pain (not that every birthing mom will experience this), and totally re-wrote her birth story, since she originally planned to birth in a hospital birth, get an epidural, etc.   

We have come to realize that women and babies are suffering physically and psychologically as a result of misinformation and lack of understanding of the choices available. Our number one goal is to reduce anxiety and fear women have about birth. Any expectant mother who succeeds in that will change her birthing experience tremendously. Every other benefit she experiences (more relaxed, better sleep during pregnancy, birthing drug-free, shorter labor, better over all health for her and her baby, pain reduction in labor, etc.) will stem from eliminating that over all fear about pregnancy and birth. Lifting that fear and anxiety ultimately empowers women to make informed decisions about birth, regardless of the type of birth they choose.

And, in fact, much of the feedback from our customers/clients supports this. Many of them are dealing with anxiety issues, either generally or regarding birth. And all of those that reported those feelings also report an immediate change after a week or so listening to the mp3s in the Birth Relaxation Kit.

As I mentioned, most expectant mothers will feel an immediate difference after just a short time with the Kit.  Many report a lifting of anxiety.  Some feel more in tune with the natural flow of things--more in tune with their body and baby.  

At the very least, using the hypnosis and music recordings in the Birth Relaxation Kit will give you a deeply relaxing escape for about a half hour each day that you listen to them.  You will also feel rejuvenated and relaxed after listening and practicing hypnosis.  Being able to sort of reset your mind and body each day actually promotes better health for you and your baby, since stress has been proven to affect you hormonally and your baby developmentally.  

We have taken much care in our recordings.   Our recordings promote relaxation and inner peace while not being "cheesy," "corny," or "too new agey."  One customer had us in stitches when she said how "out there" other recordings were...things like "breathing in rainbows...But your recordings were not like that at all!"

Another thing you can expect during pregnancy is improved sleep, especially if you listen/practice close to bed time.  This is especially helpful in that last trimester, when finding a comfortable position to sleep in can be a challenge.  However, practicing earlier in pregnancy will be most effective, since hypnosis works by a compounding effect: the more you you do it, the better it works!

If practiced regularly, hypnosis is clinically shown to reduce labor time, decrease the need for pain medication during birth (and thus increase health for you and your baby), decrease pain sensation, promote better postpartum recovery and even decrease incidence of postpartum depression.  
And that's something that you will hear us say repeatedly in the Birth Relaxation Kit: practice, practice, practice....Which is easy when you realize it is as simple as listening to deeply relaxing hypnosis sessions daily or semi-daily.

If you would like to know more about hypnosis for childbirth and birth relaxation, we encourage you to sign up for our free info series where you will find out:
  • How and why hypnosis works in more detail
  • Why hypno-birthing is not just for birth (plus easy techniques to relax, sleep better and empower you during pregnancy)
  • Detailed instructions on how you can easily self-hypnotize
  • What you actually DO and feel during any birth hypnosis program
We would also like to offer a 10% discount on the Birth Relaxation Kit (that brings the entire BRK to less than $45!).  Simply enter the discount code joyousbirth on this page.   
Entering is as easy as 1, 2, 3! To enter to win your copy of the Birth Relaxation Kit:
  1. Go visit them on Facebook and like them there. Let them know I sent you! 
  2. Come back here and let me know you did in a comment, along with why you want to use the BRK 
  3. Share ANY/your favorite of my blog posts on FB  
  I will 'draw' a winner from random.org on July 6th and post it here.


gumeshoe said...

I want to learn as much as I can in the time I have. I admit to being woefully uneducated about childbirth just a few months ago. I have a lot more options and thoughts now than I did before thanks to many internet blogs, including yours. I did comment on facebook for you. - Gloria

talesofahummingbird said...

just liked BRK on FB....and I am a birth educator/doula in training - what a wonderful gift to share with my mommas! -Sarah Nannen

Grace Fox said...

I liked Birth & Relaxation Kit on Facebook. I am a doula and I like to offer my clients a variety of relaxation and pain coping techniques to choose from. I'd love to add this to my "toolbox".

Kim said...

I 'liked' their page and shared your giveaway on my FB page!

I'd love to have this - I'm beginning my BSc Midwifery in the fall and would love to donate this to my local midwife's office!

Nicole said...

I liked Birth and Relaxation Kit on Facebook. I'm interested in winning the kit because I'm a doula and childbirth educator and I think it would give me more options for my clients to check out, as well as help add to my skill set.

Enjoy Birth said...

I would love to win a kit. I am always interested in hypnosis for pregnancy and birth and how it can help moms have better births!

Kristi said...

I've liked them on FB. I am interested in hypnosis for childbirth and as a doula I'd like to share this info with clients. As an expectant mama again, I'd like to check it out for MY upcoming birth. I'm going to share this post and your induction post that I really really really really like again.

Amber said...

I liked the Birth Relaxation Kit on face book after reading your commentary on this business. I actually was draw to this post because a friend of mine just yesterday asked about hypnobirthing options and I realized there aren't any where we live. I decided to start looking into it as an addition to my private childbirth classes - http://www.blessedjourneysccc.com.


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