Sparkles, Bleach, and Added Flavor... where?!

Remember my talk about Vajazzling? No? Well, here is that sparkly post. It seems that this is only one more in a series of interesting body modifications that are supposedly intended to make the female anatomy more.... attractive.

Other concepts (most likely invented by men) include Nether-bleaching and Tasty Douching.

Yep, you read those right!

Nether-bleaching, what a concept. Not only can our lips be too uncomely that we have to snip 'em off, not only can our pubic hairs be too unsparkly that we have to replace 'em with stick on jewels, but our genitalia can be too brown!

Jezebel writes this about the commercial:
In this commercial for an Indian product called Clean and Dry Intimate Wash, a (very light-skinned) couple sits down for what would have been a peaceful cup of morning coffee—if the woman's disgusting brown vagina hadn't ruined everything! The dude can't even bring himself look at her. He can't look at his coffee either, because it only reminds him of his wife's dripping, coffee-brown hole! Fortunately, the quick-thinking woman takes a shower, scrubbing her swarthy snatch with Clean and Dry Intimate Wash ("Freshness + Fairness"). And poof! Her vadge comes out blinding white like a downy baby lamb (and NOT THE GROSS BLACK KIND) and her husband—whose penis, I can only assume, is literally a light saber—is all, "Hey, lady! Cancel them divorce papers and LET'S BONE."
And finally, although it is a total farce (I mean, c'mon, eggs benedict?!), it's still humorous and not at all implausible with the direction we are heading.... Vagine Cuisine (thanks Olde Payphone)!

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Kelly said...

I am always self conscious of odor, appearance, etc, and it really bothers me that I am! Why can't we just love our vaginas the way nature made them. I hate that contemporary society thinks my vagina would be sexier if I ripped the hair our of every spot and bleached my whole rear end. WTF! I like the way Tom Robbins writes about vaginas...


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