When To Cut The Cord

Have questions about when to cut the cord after birth?


... and read :)


Bethany Reine' said...

thank you for sharing this! i was just trying to explain this to a client last night, but Penny does it so much better (of course).

Jessica said...

I love Penny Simkin!
As I watched this, I thought about my own four births. My first two babies were born in a hospital and had their cords cut within a minute or two of birth, but my last two were born in a birth center and we waited at least ten minutes before cutting the cord. My last two children have grown faster and been all around bigger, healthier babies than my first two. My husband and I have wondered if delayed cord cutting had anything to do with the difference in growth since there are very few factors that were different with each birth.
Also, all four babies had similar, high, bilirubin levels, so I don't see jaundice as an arguable point not to delay cord cutting.
Thanks for sharing this video!


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