What You Don't Know About Your Cervix

Just in case you haven't seen it, this is a great article.
The first time I learned about basic reproductive anatomy, I was pregnant with my first child, and the only thing I really learned about the cervix is that it was at the bottom of my uterus (liking my cervix to the opening of a balloon and my uterus was the balloon part waiting to expand), and was supposed to dilate to from 0 to 10 during labor.  It was also supposed to thin out (efface) and go from what is like the tip of my nose to the web of skin between my index finger and thumb…melt away kind of like a lifesaver.  And that my cervix might need to be checked during labor to asses its progress.

But that was it.  It wasn’t until I was well into being a childbirth educator and a doula did I find out some other things about the cervix.  Things that would change how I forever approach supporting women in labor and birth.

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ETA: And yet, one more great blog post on the cervix.

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