Guerrilla Midwife

As some of you remember,  I wrote a post on the review of "Memoirs of a Singing Birth", a book by Elena Skoko. In the book, Elena talks about her birth as attended by Ibu Robin Lim.

Ibu Robin Lim is now featured in the movie "Guerrilla Midwife", a documentary about her journey to midwifery and the challenges she faces in the country of Bali.

Guerrilla Midwife  follows Ibu Robin Lim into the trenches of her work. From Bali, where hemorrhage after hcildbirth is a leading cause of death, into the Tsunami disaster zone in Aceh, where her battle is fought with only one weapon, love. In this culturally mesmerizing, heart-wrenching documentary, you will discover why we must reinvent our protocols for pregnancy and childbirth in order to preserve our Planet's Humanity.
Please see below to view a few excerpts from the film:

Guerrilla Midwife, Sample from Amber Bansak on Vimeo.

And, if you are lucky enough to live in the vicinity of Grand Rapids, MI, you can go to a screening of the film at the Wealthy Street Theater. Check this invitation out for more information, to help spread the word, or to RSVP for the event.

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KathyaB said...

i am one lucky soul living in Grand Rapids, MI. taking my husband along.


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