A Vision

I have a vision for my future.

I am destined to be a midwife, it is in my dreams almost nightly, it is in the movement of my hands, the networkings of my mind. It is in my soul.

This is a fact. It is not a future possibility, but a reality already purposed in the near tomorrows.

I see women, being supported, being attended to, and my presence is there.

I see a House, with a wrap-around porch, a full garden, and a number of birthing rooms. I see semi-self sustaining acreage that has livestock and chickens, a well and outbuildings. I see a community room open and accessible to any practitioner of Mother-Friendly and Baby-Friendly care. I see a lending library for families and a movie room for weekly showings. I hear women in the halls making birth noises and see women in the garden, wearing their babies as they harvest the crop.

I pause to see a group of youngsters practicing yoga on the hill behind the House and see fathers getting ready for market. I hear young couples learning to cook good, wholesome, healthy meals in the kitchen on a budget.

I see the single young woman, with no resources and a ripe belly, coming to my House, knowing that she will find a room, training and skills for the workforce, education and preparedness for her upcoming birth and parenting, and a safe haven for comfort and loving, nonjudgemental, community.

And then I see, when I am ripe and old and gray, a Sailboat. This Sailboat will take my lover and I away to distant countries where our hands and hearts can be used by those who need it most. And our House will be well cared for, by a community that loves it and what it is: a Home for all families. And though a day will come where the Sailboat no longer guides us to foreign soil, and our ears no longer hear the chatter of the House - the House will stand for generations, and another pair of hearts and hands will unfurl the Sail for distant lands.

This is my vision.

Now, for the less pleasant part...

I need to pay for my education to get there. My tuition isn't much in the long run, but it's a lot for this family to pay. This is a very humble, but unabashed request. If you can afford to spare some change, know that every penny that you donate would go directly to pay for my training and education to bring my vision of the future to a modern day reality.

No pressure, but, if you could, I, my family, and those families whose lives I will become a part of in the future, would be eternally grateful for the help. There is a donate button on the left hand column that has been added. That's all.


Kim said...

Your vision sounds beautiful, Nicole! I'd love to be a part of it ... except I love my country and city too darned much!

Jenn said...

beautifully written Nicole.

Anonymous said...

I love your vision!

Kim said...

Jest wanted to let you know that I fwd'd this to my hubby ... we're going to be making a donation, just haven't decided how much yet :)


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