Dr. Wonderful Speaks About the Future!

I am not sure how many of you have been following the plight of one Dr. Wonderful (aka Dr. Biter), but I am so happy to hear him finally speaking out on the whole ordeal (as much as he can). I have been silently reading about him for about 3 years now, and been following his ordeal with prayers that all would turn out well for this marvelous advocate of women and babies!

Feel free to read up on his plight:
Why I’m Protesting for My Natural-Birth Friendly OB
"So What's the Deal With Dr. Wonderful"
"Dr. Biter"
"Why Doctors Don't Care"
"Biter suspension leaves pregnant patients in the lurch"
Are Today’s OBs Giving Women What They Really Want

Then watch his interview below:

Dr. Biter Opens Up

And the wonderful conclusion piece states: Doctor, and Doulas to Join Forces at
New Birth Center

And finally, for my favorite statement from Dr. Biter:
They don't even know the difference between natural birth and a vaginal birth. They think that, just because a baby is born out of a vagina that that is a natural birth.

But a natural birth is an unmedicated birth, a birth that is honored, where women and their partners are respected, and where that little buddy comes into this world in a solemn sacred moment. That's what a natural birth is!
Thank you Dr. Biter!

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