Children At Birth.. Revisited

How well do children do at birth?

Revisited from Children At Birth.


Anonymous said...

I want to say that's a Hypnobabies mom. Although I'm not positive.

Children at births: IMO it depends on the child, whether they have someone to be with them, and preparing them can help.

My 15 month old was great when i was in labor with my second.
They missed out on being there for my third -- hospital birth.

Wendyrful said...

That was really fantastic! my older girls were there for births 4, 5, and 6. By that time it had become family births and I couldn't imagine not having my older children at our births. My oldest sat behind me in the birthpool at the last birth.

AndreamS said...

Wow, that was magical. My son was at both of his sister's birth... most with my third I delivered standing up and he was actually laying on his tummy looking up with his face in his hands...totally enthralled, and he was immediately in love with her. Maybe I'll have my kids catch the next one! That's what birth SHOULD be: a magical, bonding, FAMILY event.

Anonymous said...

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