I came across this video and love it for so many reasons: baby is born en caul, with a nuchal hand, at a homebirth, and weighs in around 8.9 lbs. Lovely!

This video is stellar! It shows a homebirth with a nice sized baby (11 lbs 12 oz). This mama is, without prompting or guidance, moving herself from all-fours rocking, to knee chest position, and back.. helping a rather large baby fit as best possible. The babies bag of waters has not broken (although MW uses an amnihook at this point), then, at the culmination of babies birth, shoulder dystocia becomes present and you can watch a midwife perform the McRobert's Maneuver.

I love this photo montage as it shows such depth of emotion, I can literally feel this woman's labor right along with her, seeing the journey through her expressions and body language is breathtaking. In addition, her partner is such a beautiful, constant support, and the midwife's role is so accurately shown as with, but not over, mom's space - a companion, even listening with her ear at one clip, wonderful!

Happy viewing!

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