Reproductive News From the Week

Healthwatch: No place like home, or is there?
An OK article, I thought it talks itself around in circles a bit, but well outlined and gives adequate information for a mom to make an informed decision.

Good Catch! Toddler Helps In Delivery Of Baby Brother
This is a cute article on how normal birth is. VBAC mama has baby at home, 2 year old helps by getting a towel without any prompting and catches baby that mom pushes out on the couch. Ok, if a 2 year old can get it, maybe he can teach the OBs how he did it? :)

RU Safe and Simple?
Article on the risks of RU-486. This is surprising: you hardly ever hear the true facts of risks associated with abortion. This is good. I am pro-life, but even when a woman does choose abortion, it is a good thing for her to know when a procedure is unsafe or has higher risks. As we live in a pro-choice media society, it is surprising and heartening to see some good unbiased information on the safety (or lack thereof) of abortion methods.

New Advice: Skip Mammograms in Your 40s

The government panel of doctors and scientists concluded that getting screened for breast cancer so early and so often is harmful, causing too many false alarms and unneeded biopsies without substantially improving women's odds of surviving the disease.
Interesting read.

Preeclampsia Linking to Thyroid Function
It's amazing what our bodies tell us... but now it serves to question: is the Pre-e a result of this increased risk later in life or is the increased risk later in life a result of life habits and the incidence of pre-e?

Breastmilk Contains Stem Cells
Formula is still 2nd best, but it still doesn't come close. :)

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