Cake Wrecks and Labor Day

Ok - I don't know how many of you read Cake Wrecks regularly, but I check in on it around once a month because of the hilarity it offers me.

Here is the most recent post, today, and I believe it warrants a post on this birthy-blog.

Not to mention some previous entries:

mmmm.. yum!


Anonymous said...

I think I found that site through the man-nurse diaries...

I saw todays cake and was pretty disturbed. I wouldn't want that as a baby shower cake.. or otherwise if you asked me.

the second one on this page is pretty cute though.
heck even this one is okay. lol

i could go on and on hah

Jenn said...

*shakes head and waves finger disapprovingly*

Nicole D said...

I so agree Jenn - so unappetizing, not to mention 'not in good taste' in the other sense of the word.


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