9 Months & Beyond

My Idea

Many of you may not know, but I am part of a doula co-op called 9 Months & Beyond (9M&B) in Nashville, TN. We are pleased to be able to offer a team of 3 doulas, bi-monthly MaterniTeas, 3 lactation consultants, breast pump rentals, Wonderfully Made Childbirth Preparation, Weekend of Relaxation workshops, Hypnobabies classes, birth tub rentals, new parenting classes, and baby carriers (wraps and slings).

Currently, we have an office in a local pediatrician's office.

9M&B is working toward its next venture, an expansion into our own building...

We are becoming quite successful and are need of our own space. With that in mind (drum roll please) we are looking to open an independent Mother's Center in Nashville. For this reason, we are participating in ideablob, in hopes to promote the venture as well as win $10,000 toward this vision.

Please consider voting for this cause!

*end infomercial*


DoulaMomma said...

Sounds wonderful - you all are doing amazing stuff - I voted!

Kimberly J said...

I voted for you too! What a cool concept!

Jenn said...



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