Rebozo In Action

Midwife Mutiny made a GREAT POST showing a good rebozo sifting. This motion is great for turning stubbornly posterior babies among other things. Start slow and work into a good solid rhythm of rocking her body back and forth. Enjoy!

And, in other video-linking (as faithful readers can see I enjoy a little too much of):


anjie said...

Hi nicole. I love the birth videos!! Also liked the SNL clip below. That lady could pass for Sarah Palin!

I just finished my birth video and posted it on my birth blog. Feel free to check it out!

Kathryn said...

As a pregnant mama who is due any day now, I am loving the video links! I need to see positive video's of births, as I am having a homebirth, my first, well my first homebirth, second birth though. So keep em coming! They are helping!


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