I was perusing my regular favorites and read a great post from Doula Surround about pelvis'. Her post is easy to read and informative.

She explains, in easiest terms, that:
the 4 Basic Types of Pelvis' are: Round, oval, triangular and flat.
and that women can have any pelvic shape, including combinations of any or all of them.

This information is important because Doulas and educators know that a baby takes actions during birth called the Cardinal Movements.
  • Engagement
  • Descent
  • Flexion
  • Internal Rotation
  • Extension
  • External Rotation
  • Expulsion
The interesting thing that most moms, and many educators and doulas don't know is that rotation and descent of baby varies between the different shapes of pelvis'!!
Some women cannot 'squat' because of the certain shape they have, some women have naturally flat bellies, when not pregnant, because of their specific shape, some women have "boyish'' hips because of their pelvis shape...
A great resource (and I know I cite it often) is Spinning Babies on how to best accommodate different pelvic shapes during labor and birth. And one other great piece of information about pelvis'? No matter what pelvis you have, you can birth your baby vaginally!

So, go check it out and find yourself a little more prepared for your next birth.

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