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We talk a lot about face up babies (posterior babies), facing back babies (anterior), head up babies (breech), and head down babies (vertex)... just about every presentation we talk about in the common birthing arena... except one.. rarely is it talked about the uncommon but not unheard of FACE presentation - when a baby comes out FACE (instead of crown) first.

I have seen photos of it in action, but never a video on it... hehe.. I know you know what is coming...

Well, I stumbled upon a beautiful vid of a face presentation birth. And not jus tface presentation, but POSTERIOR, and face presentation. Watch in amazement.

Notice how baby/mom rotates the back of babies head out on their own before the chin slides free. Amazing. The only thing I DIDN'T like about it is how hands on the doc/mw was after the head was out (pull pull pressure down, tug.. ick).


DoulaMomma said...

I saw a face presentation once - crazy to witness.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen a face presentation but I have been at one, my third baby was a face presentation. 4 days post dates, direct OP, PROM @ term with a high head. Augmentation of labour after 18 hours of irregular contractions. After 8 hours cervix still 3cms, head high. At this point no one knew the presentation. Decision to section. Staff called in, just as they were about to transfer me to theatre I felt a massive urge to push. Quick VE, and told to push. Within 5 pushes the look on the Dr's and midwive's faces suggested something was wrong, bells were pushed and the room filled with people. Daughter was born with Apgars 4, 7, 8, cord x 3 tightly round neck and a face like a fish, very swollen lips.
I suspect that the cord was the cause of the presentation and that she may well have been a brow initially which became a face, hence the rapid progress from 3cms to fully.

Anonymous said...

My first baby was a posterior, full face presentation. Her positioning was discovered at 41wks, 3 days by ultrasound. I hadn't gone into labour and it was a routine ultrasound to check for fluid. It took 3 people to determine her position in the clinic. I was immediately booked for an "elective" cold section for the next day. My plan for an entirely natural birth went out the window.
Although it wasn't in the original plan, my section went really well and I had great care. Even the surgeons allowed me to keep as much of my birth plan as they could. I was up walking 6 hours post-op and was home less than 48 hours later.
I cried about the circumstances of her birth for a long time. I felt like it had been stolen from me and like I wasn't the one that actually birthed her.
I'm happy to say that she's a perfectly healthy 4 year old now and her brother was an all natural VBAC with the loving care of midwives.


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