Birthing in the FRONT yard

My home-state had a great article in their paper regarding three of my favorite things:

Laboring Women
Natural Birth

Here is a link to the story. And here is an excerpt:
"By the time Jennifer was helped out to the car, she could feel the baby coming. "We won't make it!" she shouted. Barbeau needed to examine her. In the dark in the front yard, she mistook Jakary for her daughter. "She grabbed my mom's crotch," said Jennifer. "And her mom yelled, 'Wrong bottom!' " said Steve, laughing."

What do I love about this story? The REALNESS of it. They talk about being caught up in the moment, how a doctor did not intrude when she happened upon the birth, how there was humor and fun in the moment, and how it was not a traumatic thing.

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