Hi, My Name Is Nicole and I am a Conspiracy Theorist

I have been called a conspiracy theorist for touting that women's options are actually disappearing the more liberal we get with our birth practices.

With recent articles like Choosy Mom's Choose Cesareans, and responses from myself and others, it sounds like we are just hot under the collar and making up dark images of a 'right to choose'.

But are we?

Emotionally and physically, women are hurt, and their options are forever limited or made to be seemingly insurmountable uphill battles. Cesareans are becoming so prevalent and rates are increasing because of 'choice', policies, and iatrogenic complications, that we made an awareness month about it to promote more public education regarding this major abdominal surgery.

ICAN has a great resource on hospitals and VBAC bans... check it out for yourself BEFORE you go into labor or choose a cesarean... you will have a better idea of if you will be 'allowed' a VBAC next time around. That is one battle that many of us were already aware of...

But the battle just got bigger.

Now, after a cesarean, women with abdominal scars could very possibly find themselves without insurance. Some insurance companies are beginning to refuse women coverage if they have had a previous cesarean or give them higher insurance costs.... Unless they are sterilized or infertile!

“Obstetricians are rendering large numbers of women uninsurable by overusing this surgery,” said Pamela Udy, president of the International Cesarean Awareness Network, a group whose mission is to prevent unnecessary Cesareans.

Not only are women feeling pressure to have Cesareans that they do not want and may not need, but they may also be denied coverage for the surgery.

“You have women just caught in the middle of this huge triangle of hospitals, insurance companies and doctors pointing the finger at each other,” Ms. Udy said.

ugh! This is not how I, or any other professional in my field, wanted to be vindicated. I would rather be considered a conspiracy theorist than to see our healthcare and the lives of children and moms be affected in such a profound and inhumanitarian way.

  • A Doula Too blogs about the horrible realization that our public is coming to: our cesarean rates are out of control, hurting our healthcare options, and hurting our babies.
  • Karen The PA Doula is outraged and incensed - wanting to find a way to fix this mess.
  • Navelgazing Midwife positively lights on the fact that this might make VBAC more possible and sought after and make cesarean a 'less achievable' OPTION for women when not medically necessary - will women start making more informed and mother-friendly, newborn-friendly healthcare choices?
  • Pushed Birth reminds us that, with cesarean rates on the rise, it is a horribly unfair and hard place for families to be: coerced into unwanted cesareans either by default or by iatrogenic complications, and then refused basic care and health coverage - limiting their choices for care even more.
  • Crunchy Domestic Goddess gives a great post on how others are responding to this article and have foreshadowed this day previous to it.
What next peeps? What do we have to do and be put through to get the information in between those plates of bones resting on top of your spine? Those of you in white lab coats - is it worth it to be home in time for dinner?Oi. I am going to the pool to cool off.

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Corin said...

You've done a great job of tying so many important points and readings together. I see so much I'd like to pass along to my readers!

As always, enjoying your blog.



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