Delivered Safe and Sound

This is a great article written by a past L&D RN. She talks about the state of medical care in the U.S. right now, including information on I.V.'s, Epidurals, NPO, and other medical practices that fall into the 'conspiracy theory' mindset of those who have not done their research.

One of the most profound things that I read in her article was this:
" Is the hospital the safest place to have your baby? Most people would say of course it is. What I saw and experienced during those seven years taught me that safety is not inherent in a place, but in the philosophy of the care provider. Most only practiced the way they did to avoid lawsuits so frequently encountered in obstetrics. Often they did things the way they had always done them, without regard to new research or evidence-based medicine. What many think of as normal or necessary obstetrical practices, are more for the protection of the practitioner, than the safety of mom and baby."
And that sets the tone for the article. What are your thoughts? Does it surprise you that 'one of their own' acknowledges all that we, as CBEs, try to convey to the public? Give me your overall thoughts.

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