I am in the midst of reading Pushed: The Painful Truth About Childbirth and Modern Maternity Care by Jennifer Block

It is a more difficult read than others in my recent book-wormish past, but a good read nonetheless. It is easily digestible, simply a 'hard read'... parts of the book make me upset, some makes me feel like throwing in the towel, still others give me insight and hope. It is a HARD read.

I believe that I am coming to a point in my career that many do in my field - become indifferent, become more impassioned, or quit. My heart says there is no way that I could quit, there is too much of a need in this country for maternal-fetal rights and evidence-based health care. Indifference is not an option - I cannot see how someone could stay in this business indifferent... those that do treat CB as a business and become no better than those that we are fighting so hard to reform.

I think it is simply overwhelming - a sense of this being to big for a change, to big for a real difference to be made. But then I remember... it's not about the big picture. But about the little picture: roughly 7lbs and 21 inches of picture to be exact...

And then I read another chapter.

I will get to a better post on the book itself, I promise - for right now, I just needed to vent a little bit... just enough of a purge to get me back on track.

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Sheridan said...

This book was pretty amazing and moving to me as well. It really solidified how much change needs to be made. Even if we help just one woman have a better birth, that is great! But of course we want to do so much more. I think educating the Young Women of our country is a way to go about this. In schools or in churches, let's teach them what NORMAL childbirth should be like! Trust our bodies and babies. Refuse to be coerced into unnecessary interventions. Education is key!

Hugs and I think you will just become more impassioned! ;) I hope so anyway.

For me the more I learn the more I feel that this is part of God's calling for me. To make a difference in the birth world. I just need to let Him lead me and even if it is small one person changes if I am following Him that is enough. (Though I hope to make much bigger changes and hopefully He will lead me to do that as well!)


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