I talk a lot on here about what is wrong in obstetrical care, but what about YOUR responsibility as a consumer?

Your doctor or midwife has a responsibility to give you factual information, practice unbiased and evidence-based medicine, and to treat you as a whole woman, not simply a patient.

Likewise, though, as a patient, it is your responsibility to be open and honest with your care provider. Withholding your feelings, beliefs, desires, and fears breeds distrust on both sides. You need to be able to speak up about your choices regarding your health care, even if you and your care provider do not see eye to eye on some issues. (see here for a good example).

The relationship that you have with your care provider is not THEIR sole responsibility - it is a two way street. If you are fully open and honest with them and don't feel it is reciprocated, if you feel they have ulterior motives beyond your health in making decisions regarding your pregnancy, labor, and birth, or if you do not make a good team (yes, you TWO are a team) after doing your part, then it is time to look for another care giver.

Until you fulfill your responsibilities, though, you are as much faulted as they. For your surfing pleasure, please take a look at the links below:

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Sheridan said...

This is SO true! Talking with your care providers can help you have the birth you want. There is a great example from one of my moms who talked to her OB who wanted her to have an elective cesearean for "big baby" She educated herself and sat him down for a talk. You can read her account here.


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