The Birth House

Ok - I read the Birth House in 4 sittings.

My take? It is an eloquently and beautifully written story. I cried, I laughed, I got spittin' indignant, and fuming angry. I felt hollowed and then filled... It is moving.

Dora is a young girl born and raised in the early 1900's in a rural Nova Scotian town. There, she befriends and ultimately mentors under the local midwife, a holistic, spiritual elder who imparts her wisdom and mother-lore through example.

The reader is drawn, not only into the life and mind of Dora Rare, but also the lives, hardships, heartaches, and haunts of a number of other inhabitants of this small town.

Although it deals with some questionable issues (lesbianism, abortion, and superstition) I do recommend it as a beautifully written work of fiction.

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Bebu said...

I just finished it as well and Loved it!


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