Vegan (or not), Energy, Yum

This is a recipe I received from my Aunt (kind of)... I modified it and now use it for yummy power ups for myself or my mommies while they are in labor. You can make it vegan or not... the egg white makes it fluffier.

2 pkgs Good Baker Chocolate Cake / Muffin Mix
1 can pumpkin (not pie filling) - standard size (not the large one).
1 egg white (optional)

Mix these three (or two) ingredients together and put in muffin tins. Bake at 350 for 19-25 minutes.

Obviously, if you want vegan, simply omit the egg white.

This recipe is good because:

Pumpkin is considered a "health food". It is high in vitamin A, in the form of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene helps lower the incidence of some cancers. Vitamin A helps aid in good vision, healthy skin, a strong immune system, and bone and teeth development. Pumpkin is also a good source of Vitamin C which helps to fight infection. Vitamin C is a water soluble nutrient which needs to be replenished in the body, daily. Pumpkin is high in dietary fiber, which is often lacking in American diets. Fiber is important for proper digestion and elimination. Pumpkin contains about 40 calories per 1 cup serving.

In addition, the vegan chocolate cake mix is a good source of fiber and protein. Combined with the egg, we have a power food for labor (and pregnancy as well). Enjoy.


rebekah said...

What size can of pumpkin? Thee's the typical one and then the really big one...

Awesome blog, btw. I am a new reader and just spent about 10 minutes crying over the teen mom/waterbirth/update videos.

Nicole D said...

thank you for the props! :o)

Canned pumpkin should be the standard (smaller) size. :o)

It will seem like there is not enough moisture for the mix... but keep stirring and it will wet adequately.


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