Natural Cesarean?

I believe that, what they are doing, can be a good thing... But then it raises a question:

If the cesarean is ACTUALLY a TRUE emergency C, getting baby out would be tantamount. No time for 'gentle birthing'


1) in the incidence of placental previa, I can see how this would be a GREAT option.
2) in the incidence of TRUE CPD, this would be a great option

Any other thoughts? Any drawbacks or questions that this raises?


mm said...

I had mixed feelings about this stuff when it emerged a while back.
I can't see how major abdomianal surgery, on a full one third of the population, could be 'peaceful'.
I guess my fear lies in the fact that it is taking this lifesaving surgery and making it too nice and sweet and fluffy. It isn't. It is major abdominal surgery. It is a life altering proceedure. It is happening WAY TOO OFTEN!
Don't know. I don't like it, but that is my pathetic opinion. I just don't like the idea of making it normal. It isn't normal to have a baby come out of your abdomen, we'd have zippers if it was.
*yes I've had a c/s. it was traumatic in the fact that it happened, not that it happened behind a screen. The two hbacs weren't a cake walk either... so I guess I'm rambling from personal thoughts only huh?
Apologies =)

Anonymous said...

I don't like the idea of ceasareans either, especially if they can be avoided (which is more often than not) but if I had to have one... I guess I'd rather have one like was shown in those pics rather than the one's I've personally witnessed (while I was in nursing school). Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I know I would have preferred this kind of surgery to the two I had (I'm planning an HBAC now). No, I don't agree with c-sections and think the rate is ridiculous given the risks versus the risk of vaginal birth (even after a prior c-section), but if they're going to do it, why not do it in a way that is best for mother and baby? Not only will it help mother and baby, but it will also help remind doctors that they are treating people whose emotional needs are important as well as their need to survive.


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