Gestational Diabetes

Kim recently asked what my thoughts were on GD. She made reference to the wonderful article on Rixa's Blog.

I will have to visit back later as a Nicole on no sleep has resulted in a bemuddled and completely incoherent post by yours truly.

On another note, my dh arrived home well, albeit late (12:30am, allowing us to crash into our pillows at 2am) - which accounts for my ill-timed post. lol!


Kim said...

Thanks for the info about Group B Strep!!

I believe I asked about gestational diabetes, though, which you alluded to in your title and through the link to Rixa's blog ... LMAO ... what do you think about THAT issue??

Kimberley said...

As someone who's had GD twice (with both my pregnancies), I found that linked article not completely accurate. I'm interested on your take. :)

CappuccinoLife said...

Hey there! You've got an excellence award to pick up at my blog (www.homeschoolblogger.com/cappuccinosmom)


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