Feeling Self-Accomplished

I just wanted to take a moment and brag on my husband. He is feeling very self-accomplished right now and has every right to. This past Sunday, we enjoyed a day at the Music City Triathlon... and he is officially a Triathlete! As a beginner, he did outstanding. So outstanding, in fact, he was only 9 minutes away from qualifying for a trip to Hawai'i for another competition.

He ranked 3rd out of his division, and 85th out of 600 overall. I am so proud!!! Take a moment to share in his big day!!!

He trained and competed like a professional, and we are already making plans for his next. Myself, I have started running again and am thinking about entering next years Music City Triathlon as well! Congratulations honey, your hard work these past 3 months of training really has paid off!


Sarah said...

That is awesome!!! He (and you) should be very proud of that accomplishment!!!!

kris said...

hey congrats!!

JakesMom said...

amazing! congratulations!! what a huge accomplishment!!!

Jillian said...

Well, shoot, that makes childbirth look almost easy!


Way to go, Mr. Nicole!!!


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