Pregnant in America

What a power trailer. PLEASE take a look at this upcoming movie. The trailer itself moved me to tears. I look forward to seeing this when it is released and believe many of you will too! Link it, please, and spread the news. I just happened to be on another bloggers page when I saw the link for Pregnant in America. It is a movie about birth practices in the USA. It promises to be "a film that will expose the underside of the U.S. childbirth industry and help end its neglectful exploitation of pregnancy and birth". As she said, and I hope, this could really stir up American Women and the business of birth in America.

While on this subject of birth practices in America, there is another noteworthy trailer/doc that I think is worthy of our attention as women and birthers. It comes from The International Museum of Women and is called Born in Brazil. It discusses the fact that, in Brazil, the section rate is 65-85%. While the "average" first labor is 6-18 hours by stats, in Brazil it is only 4 hours before a c-section is done. An eye opener, this COULD WELL BE our future, America, if we cannot get it together and change some birth practices here in the land of the free!!!

Check these sites out and I will post more on the IMOW soon. PLEASE post me your opinions on both trailers/documentaries.

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