Floating in a warm ocean
Sun beats down
And warms my core
On the horizon, a wave is forming
Feel the ebb of tide beneath me
Undercurrents pull at my flesh
As waves beckon and tug at my conscious

Eclipsing the warmth
It towers over me
Threatening to cover me,
To pull me down into it
And I relent –
Anxiously –
To the inevitable

Humbled, I am tossed
By a surf uncontrollable

Instinctually, I spread wide,
Relaxing and giving in
To the pull and push of the ebb and flow
Overcome, underwater –
Difficult to pull breath into me
I resist the urge to fight
And wait it out

Wet Deep Dark Deep Wet light

Until my head breaks the surface
And again I feel the warmth of sun on my face

I watch as the wave
Tumbles toward the shore –
Far away

A deep breath
Boyant again
Embraced by the deep
A warm ocean of life
teems below and around me
consuming me
As I await the next wave

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