Doula 2 Doula - Why I Don't Offer In-Home Consults

I've had potential clients get miffed from time to time over me not offering in-home consultations. Sometimes they've even compared my practice to other local doulas who do offer in-home consultations.

I get it, it's more convenient to the potential client, especially if they have children. It's more private, intimate, etc...

But let's talk about the other side of things.

As a human, and a female human, I would like to think the best of people. But there's no denying that we live in times where we need to be considerate of our safety. If I were to meet a complete stranger in their home without any prior knowledge except an email and possibly a phone call, I have no idea what I am walking into.

There are a number of stories in the birthing community of doulas who found themselves in scary, and even dangerous, situations because they trusted the strangers that they were going to meet. In one, the woman backed out last minute and said 'go ahead and meet with my husband at our home, I have to go to an appointment.' (this was when the doula was literally on the front step knocking on the door). In another, someone blocked her ability to leave the home when she had to leave for another appointment. In yet another, the home was abandoned and a car pulled up to block her leaving the driveway, but then her husband (who happened to be with her for that day) stepped out of their car and the other vehicle drove off.

So please know, potential client, it isn't because I think badly of you. It's because I am thinking safety for all when I say 'let's meet here'. And doula to doula - staying safe in our field isn't difficult with simple boundaries and safe business practices.

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