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I was so happy to open my mail yesterday and find a beautifully wrapped white and silver ribboned box. The label shimmered at me invitingly: I had received a sample of lactation cookies from Whimsy Sweet Treats!

The owner of WST, Rebecca, sent these to me for review, and I can say, I was more than willing to sample delectable little sweets with a lactating mama... um, yes please?!?

So, I took my little package, went to a postpartum mamas house and unwrapped it. Six sweet sweets were nestled inside. She brewed some tea, and we sat down to nibble on some delectable goodness.

They were slightly soft, but firm. Oatmeal chocolate chip heaven in bite-sized bliss. They were nutty, with just a hint of chocolate. This was perfect for this doula, who isn't a huge chocolate fan, and for the mama, who wanted to minimize the sugar she was taking in to her breast milk.

After we had shared a cookie together, I left her with the remaining ones. She sent me an email a few days later.
"I'm not sure if it was the cookies or the company, but I feel refreshed, and my milk supply has increased quite noticeably. Before your visit, my milk was there, but my breasts were never 'firm before nursing and soft afterward' like we had talked about - they were just always soft. Bubs also seems more satisfied. Perhaps these cookies and lactomagic? I enjoyed sitting down to a cookie each nursing, so that was a bonus too. If I were to rate these on a scale of 1-5 milk drops, I would give them 5 milk drops!"
Rebecca, the owner of WST, is a breastfeeding mama herself. She came from a large family and was raised around nursing mamas.
"My frequent exposure to nursing moms made it seem as natural and effortless as breathing. Imagine my devastation when my first child was born and breastfeeding didn't seem to work all that simply. We had a good start, but an unexpected pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage caused a drop in supply that led to formula supplementation after four months. I tried to rebuild supply but by the time my little Liam was 7 months old we'd completely weaned. I felt betrayed by my body. I did everything that anyone recommended: worked with a lactation consultant, switched to a breastfeeding-friendly pediatrician who wouldn't undermine the nursing relationship, had support from my husband, nursed on demand, pumped after feedings, ate enough calories, drank tons of water, took fenugreek, used the supplemental nursing system for formula feeds, stayed home often enough that I could actually do all these things… and my baby was still losing weight. Why wasn't it working? I didn't understand why I was having such a hard time at something that was supposed to be so natural." 
She continues to share her very personal journey with breastfeeding and parenthood, and how this hiccup became a growing curve for her as a parent,
"With time I was able to let go of the perceived failure and embrace my new role as formula feeding mom. I was still nurturing and loving my child, just not with my breasts. True, I was disappointed about the whole nursing experience, but it was okay."  
Shortly after her acceptance to this new norm for her family, she found out she was pregnant again... this time with twins. She renewed her desire to successfully nurse her little ones, and began doubling her research efforts. She soon happened upon the mystical lactation cookie.

She immediately threw herself into finding the 'most amazing lactation cookie recipe in existence'. When she couldn't find an existing recipe, she decided to make her own. And the rest is history...

And how did breastfeeding go this time around with two little mouths?
"of all the milestones we've reached together, the most recent gave me the most delight: six months thirteen days - the point at which my firstborn weaned.... I still have quite the journey ahead of me. My next breastfeeding goal for the twins looms on the horizon and sometimes I do wonder will we really make it. I've relied on donor milk to help me nourish my little ones, and with two babies, that's a lot of milk. I don't have a freezer stash, I don't have a back up plan."

She was a woman who had found her passion, her calling - Rebecca sees a woman experiencing challenges meeting her breastfeeding goals and she want's to help.
"Seeing how much these lactation cookies helped me nurse my twins, I became inspired to share my cookies with local moms. And just like that, Whimsy Sweet Treats was born."
Whimsy Sweet Treats is a great gift idea for a new mom, or a gift for yourself, whether or not you are breastfeeding. To get more information on her cookies and her self, check out her website or Facebook presence!

Website and ordering: http://www.whimsysweettreats.com/
Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/whimsysweettreats

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